In Person Meetings Still Trump Technology (emails, calls, screen sharing, texts) and yes I do text some clients

With emails, calls, text, website forms, and social media. There are so many outlets to connect with your clients. In Client Success, it is important to stay in contact with your clients. You need to be aware of their pain points and how they have been successful with your product, and stay on top of opportunities to upsell additional products and services. More often than not, your clients are probably located all over the country, if not all over the world. Technology makes it possible to be a message away from your client at any time. Then why do I propose having a customer visit?

  1. Gain product buy-in – In person, you have the ability to pull in the busy C-suite team that typically can not jump on your monthly scheduled call. You can connect with team members that are skeptical about the product and gain insight on how to make the tool work for them. You can be available to communicate with other divisions within the client’s company and conduct large scale training sessions for their teams.
  2. Discover up-sell opportunities  While on site you have a chance to see your product in action. You can ride along with the client or actually observe them using your product. Nuances are sometimes lost over phone calls and screen sharing sessions. In person you gain a better perspective of how your client is using your product and you can discover what opportunities are available. What issues/pain points do they have and how can your upgraded features or tools help solve those issues?
  3. Clients will respect you and communicate with you better – putting a face to a name is invaluable. Having jokes in person or sharing a meal together really helps build your relationship with your client. Your client will be more apt to answer your emails and calls when you’ve met them in person.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t use technology to communicate with your client. Emails and phone calls are not going away anytime soon and you should use these outlets to connect with enterprise clients on a monthly basis. But when you are creating a budget/plan for your year, set aside money to connect with your clients in person whenever possible. Especially your top dollar clients. Whether, you conduct an Executive Business Review or take your client out to lunch, they will appreciate your dedication. Your business relationship and your products value will benefit from these meetings in the long run.

What do you think? What is the best channel to communicate with clients?

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