About Me

Why I created Sweet Butter Harmony:

When I taught second grade, I set up a “Peace Place.” A comfy cozy area where students could cuddle on the shaggy rug with stuffed animal and a good book. The Peace Place was a space where they could go at any time, when they were frustrated with class or their classmates. They could go to the Peace Place and get some peace. Sometimes, as an adult we need to carve out time to get some peace in our lives. A moment to recalibrate and refresh. This is why I created Sweet Butter Harmony. I’m constantly trying mold what work/life balance is for me, so I can live a meaningful life. Just being a women can be A LOT. Live isn’t easy, but it shouldn’t be withered by stress. We were made to thrive and live our BEST LIFE!

Hey, I’m Patti

I’ve been working in tech and managing stressful situations for several years. With small clients paying 1K to large enterprise contracts paying $500K. I’m getting married in June 2020 to my bestie and we are based in Atlanta. I created Sweet Butter Harmony to discuss my journey to living a harmonious life through all the challenges of work, life, love and it all.

Check out my blog for laughs, tips, and tricks I’ve picked up along the way. ❤