3 Productivity Apps Every Professional Needs

Roll out of bed, go for a run, speed race to work, struggle through endless meetings, grab lunch, work again, finally get home, scrape together a dinner, tear up at This is Us, read a few pages of something, sleep and then do it all over again. I don’t know about you, but my days can be crazy busy. Somehow I still manage to read the headlines, laugh at social media posts and play a few games on my phone throughout the day. According to a tracking app called Moment, Americans spend an average of 4 hours a day on their phones. Over 4 hours of our busy days are spent staring at our phones. Maybe you’re an Instagramer like me or you’re obsessed with the Toon Blast app like Ryan Reynolds. Either way, if we are going to use our phones for hours, we might as well use it for something productive. There are unlimited apps available to make your life more efficient. Try out these 3 apps to increase your productivity and possibly save a little time in your day.


There are several web-conferencing apps available and I’ve probably used them all over the years. They all have the basic functionality of video webinars, group call conferencing over internet and phone, screen sharing and recording features. What sparked my interest in Zoom, is that it gives you all these basic tools for FREE. With the basic package, Zoom users can use the basic features of a web conferencing app absolutely free. This includes an unlimited amount of meetings. The ability to host up to 100 participants and online support. There are stipulations with the Zoom Basic plans, but there are options to increase your plan starting at $14.99 a month. This is a great option for individuals, volunteer groups, non-profits, and small businesses. Zoom allows you to work at a larger scale on a limited budget. 



Trello is a productivity app to help you organize your steps and monitor your progress towards your goals. Essentially Trello is a digital bulletin board. You can use Trello to create lists, tasks, and notes. For your personal life it great to sort out tasks and to do lists. On the business side, it’s a great asset for project management. The Trello lists can be shared with many users. You can work through the progress of a project and assign tasks to different members of the team. You are able to add texts and pictures. The best part of Trello is the ability to move tasks from one list to the next as you work towards completion of a project. If you are working on tasks you can move it from To Do, Doing, then Done when it’s completed (or any labels you create). If you’re anything like me, it’s so rewarding to see my to-do list marked as complete. The Trello app is free and available on iOS and Android.



Grammarly takes spell checking to the next level. Not only does it check spelling, it reviews your grammar, sentence structure, tone, and more. It even checks for plagiarism. Grammarly helps you put your best foot forward in your personal endeavors and in the work environment. You can trust that your text messages, emails, and posts on social media are free of mistakes. At work, your business documents, emails, and communications will be accurate and effective. Grammarly is a free app, but they have premium plans with advanced features to improve your writing. With Grammarly, you can have your own personal writing assistant proofreading your work all day.


Check out these apps and maybe you can save a little time in your busy day. We’d love to know- What are your favorite productivity apps?

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