Hey Friends! I’m Patti,

Life isn’t supposed to be withered by stress. We have to mix the bitter and sweet moments to create a balanced & meaningful life.

When I taught second grade, I set up a “Peace Place.” A comfy cozy area where students could cuddle on the shaggy rug with stuffed animal and a good book. The Peace Place was a space where they could go at any time, when they were frustrated with class or their classmates. They could go to the Peace Place and get some peace. Sometimes, as an adult we need to carve out time to get some peace in our lives. A moment to recalibrate and refresh. This is why I created Sweet Butter Harmony. I’m constantly trying mold what work/life balance is for me, so I can live a meaningful life. Just being a women can be A LOT. Life isn’t easy, but it shouldn’t be withered by stress. We were made to thrive and live our BEST LIFE!

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“Wanna fly, you got to give up the sh*t that weighs you down.”

-Toni Morrison

3 Easy Peasy Hikes In Atlanta

Hiking Guide For Earth Day If you are in the Atlanta area and you’re looking for outdoor activities, these 3 easy hikes are the perfect cure for an empty afternoon. If you have never been on a hike before, these 3 trails can take between 30 minutes – 2 hours depending which route you take. […]

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Shopping # Black-Owned All Year Round

Yes, it’s Black History Month and yes black history is American history and really that means Black history is all year round history. Because we have a labeled February Black History Month I will share a few of my favorite black owned shops from Atlanta and everywhere. Lots of food on here because I love […]

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Netflix’s Malcolm and Marie: Black Love Vs. Toxic Vibes

Malcolm and Marie was real talk. It was a deep dive into the Black relationship in America. (Don’t worry, no spoilers in here) Who has had an argument that started small, but then grew into a disagreement that could end the relationship? I definitely have… Sometimes when I’m arguing with my husband, I’m thinking how […]

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Living Your Best Life During the Holidays

Managing Holiday Stress With all the joys brought on by the holiday season, it can also be the most depressing and stressful season for many. This year, the hectic holidays are compacted with the uncertainty of the pandemic. Simple situations like shopping or deciding whether to gather for Christmas dinner has become a tough decision. […]

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Holiday Guests? How To Make Your Guest Room Feel Like Home

🎄🎄 The holidays are coming and for some of us that means house guests and fun times are on the way! If your friends and family are coming to visit this year, check out the list below for tips on how to make your guest room cozy & inviting~ 🎄🎄 Quick Tips To Set Up […]

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How To Layer A Comfy Dress For Fall Style

Zara’s Ribbed Dress is Perfect for Fall Layering Ok, I love Zara, absolutely LOVE Zara! Their dresses are always a little fancier and more stylish than what they look like on the rack. Sometimes, I forget about Zara because let’s be honest, their website is way too difficult to navigate and all the models are […]

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Which Girlfriends Character Are You?

Ok, I’m obsessed… Netflix keeps asking me if I’m still watching and my husband, Terrell, keeps asking me why I’m still on the couch. But I love the theme song! My Giiiiiirlfrieeends! Did you know the song was by Angie Stone? That’s why it’s a jam! Then came the memes… Yes, I’ve been binge-watching Girlfriends […]

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30 AWEsome Adventures To Celebrate Your Birthday

How to celebrate your birthday with a bang in your dirty thirties… even during a pandemic Happy Birthday! 🎉 Honey, you are getting finer like wine. Maybe it’s your 18th birthday when you become a legal adult in the US. Yeah you can vote and smoke! Or you’re 21 and you can finally drink in […]

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DIY: Cozy Guest Room Update On A Budget

Guest Bedroom Decor Redo Do you have an extra bedroom that you toss all your extra junk into? Essentially it’s the junk room, a bigger better version of the junk draw (I have too many of those!) My parent’s guest room was overdue for an update. This is the room I stay in when I […]

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Sweet Butter Sunday #8 ~ Hiking Therapy In Atlanta

A Time for Self-Care – The Healing Power of Hiking The crisp breeze, tall trees with bright green leaves, and a sweet flowing waterfall. Hiking brings you back to the simple things. Nature can ground you in a way nothing else can. I love going on hikes by myself so I can reflect on everything, […]

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