What is Sweet Butter Harmony?

Sounds like a delicious sweet treat, a warm cup of chai, or soothing body butter. (All are amazing, but that’s not it LOL)

SBH is about mental health, self-care, and highlighting topics of women’s joys and struggles. SBH exists to help all women live their best and most balanced lives. Let’s grow, flourish, and thrive together. 💕

Live your best life

I created Sweet Butter Harmony because I’m trying to figure out this thing called life. I don’t just want to live and breathe, I want to thrive! When you meet me, you’ll see I’m blessed to have a big smile and fill the room with laughter. I know life isn’t easy, but it shouldn’t be hard either. Sometimes you have to remind yourself, there is something left to love. You find something to make you laugh because it’s better than crying. Sometimes all you can do is just make it through. That’s okay too. We mix the good and the bad and we find happiness every day. A little sweet, a little butter, and a little harmony. We are here to thrive and live our BEST LIVES!

But still like air I rise

Maya Angelou

Our Values:

Know yourself

Close your eyes and listen to your intuition. Ask yourself, “Who am I?” Only you can define. Speak to yourself tenderly, with grace. Speak joy, speak life.

Accept who you are

Learn to accept who you are, flaws and all.

Love yourself

You are worthy of love. Love who you are now. Not wishing for who you were. Not waiting for who you will become.

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Things I Lost With Depression

The things I lost with depression: Disclaimer: This post contains triggering information about major depression and suicide. MY LOVE OF COOKING MY MOTIVATION TO EXERCISE I found myself buying more Uber Eats and Door Dash than ever before. How did I ever live before? How amazing is it for any type of food you love […]

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Book Club: Books, Brunch & Black Women

In 2020, I read for hours and hours each week. I read magazines (thanks to my $2 blue dolphin subscriptions, best thing EVA) I read almost 30 novels via paper books and audiobooks. I read countless articles and blogs online. I also became a blogger lol. 2021 – I forgot what reading was all over […]

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Woe is Me

depression, melancholy, misery, sadness, unhappiness, sorrow A quick google search will show several definitions of depression, but how do you know if you are going through depression and not just a bad day? We casually say “I’m depressed, (sad face)” but depression is not a bad mood. It’s not easily fixed with a good meal […]

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Before I started vision boarding, (Yes I believe in vision boarding. I hosted a vision boarding partay and it was LIT!) Anyway, before vision boarding, I just wrote out my goals on a sheet of paper. Then it turned into a goal doc; I would type a bulleted list of all my goals for the […]

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Three Therapists

Finding the right therapist for your needs Now that I’m in my 30s, I’ve worked with a handful of therapists. Why you ask? Well, once I went to the person for a few months to reconnect with my inner self. I moved to a new city and another time I moved to a new state. […]

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And Just Like That

And just like that, I was alone again He slammed the door, not our home anymore not home anymore not home not I’m alone Am I lonely? I used to think i knew what morning would bring sunshine, smiles and touches warm like a summer breeze now just me me only me no we just […]

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Melanin Melanin be killing them They pretending acting like we’re friends When shit’s going down Not ones here, not a one around – Racist seems to mean nothing anymore At weightless blurb on the newsroom floor If you’re spitting make America Great again Your tweets get more likes than the Kardashians – Can’t be black […]

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3 Easy Peasy Hikes In Atlanta

Hiking Guide For Earth Day If you are in the Atlanta area and you’re looking for outdoor activities, these 3 easy hikes are the perfect cure for an empty afternoon. If you have never been on a hike before, these 3 trails can take between 30 minutes – 2 hours depending which route you take. […]

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Shopping # Black-Owned All Year Round

Yes, it’s Black History Month and yes black history is American history and really that means Black history is all year round history. Because we have a labeled February Black History Month I will share a few of my favorite black owned shops from Atlanta and everywhere. Lots of food on here because I love […]

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Netflix’s Malcolm and Marie: Black Love Vs. Toxic Vibes

Malcolm and Marie was real talk. It was a deep dive into the Black relationship in America. (Don’t worry, no spoilers in here) Who has had an argument that started small, but then grew into a disagreement that could end the relationship? I definitely have… Sometimes when I’m arguing with my husband, I’m thinking how […]

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