The Perfect Staycation Plan

How to plan the perfect vacation right at home

If you’re like me, summer is for vacations, swimming, adventures and ice cream. This summer should not be any different. I looked at my work calendar and realized we had scheduled time off for our vacation to Mexico. Unfortunately, we had canceled this vacation months ago due to the pandemic. Even if I couldn’t drink mojitos on the beach, I knew I still needed to take some time off to recharge and relax. So I decided to plan a little fun for each day off and somehow this staycation felt just as lovely as any other vacation. Whether you’re budgeting and can’t afford a big vacation or the coronavirus has you weary of traveling, you can plan a staycation that is worthwhile.

Have a picnic on your patio

Grab your favorite snacks, a refreshing drink, and head to the patio. I like to make fresh fruit sangria, mojitos, and margaritas at home. I order take out or make my favorite lunch and relax on the patio. Even if it’s just for me, I set up a whole tray of goodies and make it feel special.

Explore outdoors

“Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost” – anonymous. Lose yourself somewhere outdoors. Search for trails and parks near you and go on an adventure. There’s nothing more healing than spending time in nature.

Venture to the farm for flower and berry picking

Find a local farm and eat berries right off the bush. I picked blackberries and wildflowers from the patch. When I got home, I made a blackberry crisp with vanilla ice cream on top and I made a cute bouquet with the fresh flowers to liven our home. If you live in the Atlanta area, check out Southern Belle Farm and Jaemor farm in June and July for the special picking days.

Immerse yourself in a good read

Read a book, a magazine, a blog, or the back of a cereal box. Just take time to immerse yourself in the written word. Check out my top reads for the summer –  5 Books By Black Authors That Will Soothe Your Soul. If you’re looking for fresh tips check out a blog. Sweet Butter Harmony is featured in Feedspot’s list of the Top 25 Black Millennial Blogs! Check out Feedspot for a quick one-stop-shop of all the blogs you want to read.

Splurge on delicious cuisine

Splurge on a really good meal or two. Try something that you’ve been dreaming about. We dined on an outdoor patio one night and ordered take out from an expensive restaurant the next night. And of course, I had to get ice cream from somewhere!

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