Biscuits & Baking

I tried my hand at JoJo’s biscuits and it was a success!

Preparing the dough
Rolling & cutting dough
Biscuit dough - ready to bake
Ready to bake

I’ve always loved to bake. I’m not always good at it, because I’m always trying to substitute something instead of running to the store LOL. But if you ask me to bake you a pound cake or some cookies, you’ll probably be happy 🙂 . Biscuits were something I bought in a can from the grocery story. I thought baking biscuits was a real southern woman’s task, and I had be an old grandma with flour in my hair in order to bake a good biscuit.

I traveled to my favorite Aunts house (don’t tell my other aunts haha) and she had baked us fresh buttery biscuits for breakfast. They melted in your mouth. They warmed your soul. They tasted great with strawberry jam, honey, eggs, or just perfect alone. I few weeks later back home I bought Joanna Gaine’s cookbook and I found the biscuit recipe. It looked so simple and I yearned for the buttery taste. So I decided to jump on the COVID-19 bandwangon and bake some delicious biscuits. This recipe is easy with simple steps and its a surefire breakfast success. I like to get the dough ready the night before family is coming to visit. It’s a great addition to any breakfast and it makes me look like such a good homemaker haha!

Jojo's biscuit recipe
Fresh biscuits out of the oven
Biscuits with strawberry jam
Delicious with Strawberry jam!

Find Jojo’s full recipe here on Real Simple: Jojo’s Biscuits Recipe

If you’ve tried your hand at baking biscuits, I’d love to know!

Mmmmmm mmm good! Biscuits fresh out the oven!

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