Solo Date – Exploring Atlanta Neighborhoods

Things to do in Atlanta – Inman Park

One of my favorite things to do is go on a date by myself. I chose an area to explore, I close out the Google GPS app, and I wander around a new area. I think I got this wanderlust nature from my dad. He has lived so many places and loves to travel solo. If no friends are interested in going or my husband is busy, I don’t say I can’t go, I just decide to take myself out on a date. On a solo date, I get to choose everything I do. I meet new people and try some good food. All on my own. Last weekend, I took the morning and explored one of my favorite areas in Atlanta, Inman park.

Solo date = Fun activity you do on your own, like enjoying a meal at a restaurant by yourself. Not to be confused with a lonely/sad time where you eat alone, depressed you have no friends... 😹

1. Murals and Graffiti walls

Atlanta East Beltline
Graffiti Walls on the East Beltline

There are tons of mural walls and graffiti along the Beltline trail. Image after image, messages cluttered on top of each other to make a masterful art piece. You can find amazing murals that span the width of the building. I recommend checking out the murals for a great photo opp if you are in town for a visit.

2. The East Beltline

Atlanta East Beltline Trail
Music jumping on the trail

Before moving to Atlanta, I had not heard of the East Beltline. It is a walking and biking trail that runs through the middle of the city. It’s actually an abandoned railroad track that has been repurposed as a place to exercise, enjoy the scenery and connect with friends at the restaurants and shops along the route. The trail is one of the most brilliant ideas in Atlanta. On this morning, I met a new friend, Paco! Paco and I crossed paths on the Beltline. A simple hello, turned into a 20 minute conversation on the side of the trail. I learned about his life in Canada, his weekly visits to the Beltline trail and we even talked a little politics. Then we said our goodbyes continued on our day. I love the little connections you can make while exploring the Beltline trail.

3. Cutesy Local shops

Inman Park Shops
Hanging out at the local shops

I checked out a few cute shops and restaurants along the road. Inman park is home to a few locally owned boutiques and shops that are sooo interesting. I love Bill Hallman’s accessories and trinkets. Also, I wish I could hang these hammocks for my patio!

4. Good food

Bartaco Inman Park
Enjoying tacos at Bartaco in Inman Park

I stopped by Bartaco to grab a quick lunch and relax. Bartaco has a beautiful boho, beach vibe, and the patio is perfectly social distanced. You use a QR codes to order from your phone and a nice space to chill.

Side note: I’ve met several woman who said they hated eating in a restaurant alone. They always ordered take out or had food delivered. I find that a little time on my own eating out is such a mood booster for me. I can dittle dattle on my phone, read a book, or just eat. Just eating and people watching is probably my favorite way to relax.

After this morning of exploring, I felt more alive and connected with myself. Even though, I have a partner, we can’t do everything together. Time does not always allow and we don’t always like doing the same activities. I realized that it’s important that I do things that make me happy, even if I have to do them on my own. I am an explorer at heart, so that makes sense to me. If you don’t already have a hobby, I suggest you find something that makes your time past by and you don’t have to talk to a soul. Sometimes watching a Netflix movie alone is all it takes. But your mental wellbeing and your relationships will be better because of it.

Exploring a neighborhood is the best way to take a solo date. What activities do you like to try on your solo dates?

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