4 Black-Owned Shops You Must Try @ Marietta Square Farmers Market

Exploring Atlanta Neighborhoods – Marietta Square Farmers Market

On Saturdays, I love to go explore new areas in Atlanta and check out the happenings of the local shops. Last Saturday, by chance I stumbled across the Marietta Square Farmers Market. The market is open every Saturday from 9:00 – 12:00 PM and it has a great collection of foods, art, and local goodies.

Buy Black Atlanta
Marietta Square Farmers Market

Black-owned Goodies

I found a great bounty of goodies at the farmers market! I went a little overboard, but there were soo many local vendors and delicious treats to try. Below I highlighted a few amaaazing black-owned businesses you must check out. Great news, most shops can ship their goodies right to your home.

Why is it important to support Black businesses?

Support is a verb. If we don’t build up the Black community and promote Black legacies, then who will? When you support black Black businesses, you are supporting a thriving community and family development. When one succeeds we all succeed. ❤

Dessert Lovers Dream – Lucille’s Confections

OMG! These were the best brownies and cookies, I’ve had in a long time. Both were so moist and you could taste the three types of Ghirardelli chocolate. I say buy these desserts, serve them at your party and pretend you made them! They taste homemade with real ingredients but also taste like they came from a luxury cookie shop. The salted toffee chocolate chip toffee cookie melted in my mouth and it was my favorite! I couldn’t even wait to eat the cookie before I took the photo LOL. Buy these now and have them shipped to your home.

Black owned bakery

African Art & Kid’s Clothing – Keza Collection

The owner is from Uganda and she creates African headwraps and matching skirts for children. But If I could fit this tiny skirt… I’d be wearing this outfit right now 🙂 Can’t wait to see my niece try it on! They also sell African paintings and art. Check them out if you’re at the Farmers Market.

Seasoning Heaven – Anisa’s Secrets

If you’re like me, you’re getting a little tired of cooking al the time. I need something to new to spice up my meals. Anisa’s spices (salts and sugars) will add so much flavor with minimal effort. That night I used the Rosemary Lemon Pepper seasoning on fresh salmon and and roasted potatoes. The flavor did not disappoint. It was the perfect flavoring for seafood. Check it out here.

Fresh Juices – Mo Mint & Thyme

I loved this Jamaican-owned shop. At the market, they sold fresh produce (super hot habanero peppers and the like) along with their special drinks. Online they sell drink mixes, fresh juices, and seasonings. I tried the Happy Hibiscus Ginger Juice and it was refreshing! Check out their healthy drinks. here.

Bonus Buy! Women-Owned Business: Golda – Atlanta Brewed Kombucha

(This shop is not black-owned) The Golda canned Kombucha is women-run and women-owned. I tried the CBD Citrus flavor and I definitely felt something… more chill, more relaxed.. IDK 😂 You can find it at their Kombucha taproom, Cultured South or buy it here online.

The cookie didn’t last that long… 😋😋 mmm mm good!

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