Sweet Butter Sunday #8 ~ Hiking Therapy In Atlanta

A Time for Self-Care – The Healing Power of Hiking

The crisp breeze, tall trees with bright green leaves, and a sweet flowing waterfall. Hiking brings you back to the simple things. Nature can ground you in a way nothing else can. I love going on hikes by myself so I can reflect on everything, or I can get away from everything and think about nothing at all. Surrounded by the greenery and trees, I immediately feel calmer and more at ease about all the things I’ve been worrying about. According to Thrive Global, spending time in nature can actually heal your body. Spending time outdoors and hiking can improve your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, and cortisol levels.

Benefits of Hiking

  • Provides a quiet time to reflect
  • A healthy group activity for exploring and exercise
  • Gives you a sense of adventure
  • Great way to exercise and maintain your health
  • Scientifically proven to improve your physical health (improves your heart rate, lowers your blood pressure, and boost your immune system)
  • Great way to relieve stress

There are soo many other benefits of hiking! If you haven’t tried it out and you are looking for inspiration check out the two outdoor advocate groups below.

Black Outdoor Advocate Groups: Black People Who Hike & Black Too Earth

Black People Who Hike and Black Too Earth teamed up together to host a Black Businesses Matter Hike in Southwest Atlanta. On September 27th, they gathered about 20 hikers and lead us through a light hike in the Cascade Springs Nature Preserve. Before we started, the group shared why they believed we should buy from black businesses and a warm-up stretch everyone could participate in to warm up for the hike. Then we toasted each other with a shot of fresh ginger juice and celebrated our commitment to wellness. After the hike, there was a Black biz market, with black-owned businesses that focus on wellness and health. The 2-mile hike therapy, the vibes and the fellowship with the other hikers was exactly what I needed. ✨✨

To top it off they served to-go lunches from Essentially Chef Beee. If you haven’t heard of Chef Beee, they sell plant-based meal prep to-go. They offer weekly grab and go plant-based meals for busy folks with a hectic schedule. I highly recommend!

This Week’s Treats ~ A healing hike, a good podcast, and a delicious lunch from Chef Bee.

Black Outdoor Joy

Hiking in Atlanta
@ Cascade Springs Nature Preserve

What do you like about hiking?

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