Living Your Best Life During the Holidays

Managing Holiday Stress

With all the joys brought on by the holiday season, it can also be the most depressing and stressful season for many. This year, the hectic holidays are compacted with the uncertainty of the pandemic. Simple situations like shopping or deciding whether to gather for Christmas dinner has become a tough decision. For those of you who have decided to celebrate via video or in more intimate settings with yourself or your immediate family, I applaud you and wish you the most lovely holiday. If you have decided to travel for the holidays this year, I pray for your safe travels. No matter how you decide to celebrate the holidays, take care of yourself. A sane mind is the best gift you can give yourself and your family this Christmas.

A few facts to remember this year: Your holiday traditions will probably look a little different this year… It doesn’t matter! We are blessed to be alive and spending this season with our family. And also, it’s all about the gifts too LOL.

🎁 How to cope with stress during the holidays 🎁

Take A Break From Social Media

This might be the perfect time to take a couple of days to detox from social media. My most freeing vacations are spent laughing with my family and friends and forgetting where I left my phone for a day. Why does this help with stress? Instead of comparing your life to someone else’s, you spend time just living your life, the way you want. (Nobody’s family photo and Christmas tree is really that perfect, something in there is fake 😜)

Decide On a Budget And Stick To It

Holidays are expensive and this can cause an extreme amount of stress trying to keep up with all the extra expenses. I always find myself caught off guard by holiday spending even though I know it’s coming every year… The key is to stick to your budget. When it comes to gifts to be bought, traveling expenses (flights, hotels, gas, etc.), and spending money while on the trip, come up with a budget that you can afford and stick to it. It really is the thought that counts, if the gifts are over budget shop around, or make a DIY gift.

Travel or No Travel – Take Precautions

Traveling during this time is one of the more risky ideas for the holidays. Whether you are flying on a packed flight or road-tripping across the country, You will need to take more precautions than usual. Planning ahead is the best way to manage traveling stress. Make sure you have masks ready and wash your hands frequently while you are out. If you decide to stay home this year, the same rules apply. If you go out, mask up and wash your hands frequently.

Maintain Your Routine As Much As Possible

So we don’t need that 4th piece of cake… nobody does. The best excuse is… It’s the holidays! But after over-indulging for 3 days straight and neglecting my workouts, I feel like crap and my body starts craving normal. So try not to overeat… I know it’s easier said than done, but sticking to your basic routine for eating and exercise will help you feel better after the holidays are over.

Be Ok With Things Being Just Ok

There is no such thing as perfect. So if the tree isn’t “perfectly” decorated or the dinner doesn’t have all the perfect dishes its okay. Take a deep breath and enjoy memories that the chaos brings.

Take Out Time For Yourself

Make you take a minute for yourself during the holiday break. Christmas is typically spent buying gifts for your loved ones and spending all of your energy focusing on others. Choose something you want for the holiday and take a few moments to live it out, just for you. You deserve it!

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