Holiday Guests? How To Make Your Guest Room Feel Like Home

πŸŽ„πŸŽ„ The holidays are coming and for some of us that means house guests and fun times are on the way! If your friends and family are coming to visit this year, check out the list below for tips on how to make your guest room cozy & inviting~ πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

Quick Tips To Set Up Your Guest Bedroom for Visitors

Start with the basics. When you stay in a room, what do you need to feel comfortable? I’m always thirsty! and hungry! lol. I take lots of snacks on trips. I don’t like to stay in places that look drab or dirty. Wifi is a must. When setting up my guest room or your blow up mattress for guests, I make sure they have the basics, then I like to add a few luxury touches to make their stay special.

Declutter & clean

Clear out old items, toys and gadgets that are unnecessary for the guest. A less cluttered space is more inviting for your guest and allows them to feel right at home. Take time to dust and wipe down surfaces. Always provide freshly washed sheets and towels for guests. Cleaning is a must during the pandemic. Make sure you sanitize all of the hard surfaces and clean up after previous guests.

Supply basic toiletries

All the little basics that your guest might forget can be easily, I’ve definitely forgotten my toothbrush before. Q tips, shampoo, lotion, a comb. In the guest room or bathroom, provide easy access to toiletries they might need.

Make snacks, goodies & water easily accessible

If your guests are anything like me, they probably get hungry and thirsty at night. I actually always buy my favorite snacks before I arrive, because I’m always hungry LOL. Providing treats in the room like a few bottles of water and snacks like chips and nuts makes sure their bellies are full and they don’t have to stumble through your kitchen in the middle.

Provide a comfy place to sit (besides the bed)

A lot of people don’t like sitting on the bed throughout the day and I am one of them. Provide a comfy chair or desk for guests to relax and read. It’s always nice to have a little book nook.

Provide extra bedding

Providing extra pillows and blankets ensures your guest is comfortable and cozy in their bed no matter their sleeping style. Also, if an accident happens, like a drink spill, they already have access to a clean set of sheets or an blanket to keep warm.

Set up entertainment & wifi

These days wifi or internet access is a must! Print out the wi-fi password and leave it on the nightstand for your house guests so they can get connected quickly without even having to ask.

Share all the best places to eat, shop & visit

If you have people coming to stay, it’s a great friendly gesture to provide them with great places to check out during their stay. Type up a list of your favorite spots to visit in your city, print it out and leave the lists in your guest room. This could be laminated or put in the frame. You can also send a quick text or email with ideas on places to visit.

Add a little luxury to their stay

If you are looking for ways to make your guests stay SUPER comfy and special, add a little luxury by providing bathrobes and/or fluffy slippers. Then let them take it home at the end of the trip as a gift. Before your guests come to visit, ask them what they like to eat and prepare a couple of their favorite meals during their stay.

Need to update your guest room on a budget?

Check out how we upgraded our mix-matched room into a cozy guest room suite on a budget!

How to make your guest room feel like home

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