Shopping # Black-Owned All Year Round

Yes, it’s Black History Month and yes black history is American history and really that means Black history is all year round history. Because we have a labeled February Black History Month I will share a few of my favorite black owned shops from Atlanta and everywhere. Lots of food on here because I love to eat! But I’ve tried and tested everything here and you’re sure to looove it all! My personal goal this year, is to spend more of my money on products that are created and owned by black and brown people and spread my money in the minority communities, even if it takes a little bit more time and research. If we don’t support our own communities, then who else will? Let’s do this friends!

Sweet Butter Harmony

I’m excited to introduce Sweet Butter Harmony’s Inspo Boards & home decor!

We all spent so much time at home this past year. Let’s make home a space you love. A space that feels cozy, warm and inspiring. A space made just for you. Our Inspo Boards are the perfect addition to any room decor. You can add it to your gallery wall, bookshelf, bedroom and more.

Iwi Fresh

Iwi Fresh is a black-owned spa and skincare line. Their motto Iwi – is it is what it is. They use fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs from the farm in their products. With my sensitive skin and eczema I’m not apt to try new products. I’ve used the same products for the past 10 years and I rarely stray, to avoid outbreaks and rashes. Because Iwi’s products are made from raw produce, I can use their skincare line with no worries. I purchased the facial kit to get my skin fresh and glowing. If you live in Atlanta, stop in for a facial or Mani/Pedi with fresh fruit and herbs. You can also order their products online. The self care facial kit contains the Squash Cleanser, Carrot Moisturizer, and lettuce toner for $25.


The Honey Pot Co. is the first plant-based feminine care. They have an array of products including feminine wash, tampons, pads, liners, and mensural cups. Everything is free from chemicals, toxins, artificial fragrance, or anything synthetic. You can find The Honey Pot Co. at local grocery stores and at Target (where I just happened upon it). I highly recommend the wipes for travel and freshness on the go!

Just Add Honey

Just Add Honey is a black-owned tea shop right off of the East Beltline. (And its my favorite tea spot!) They have amazing tea lattes and you can have a high tea in shop or have a ParTea box shipped right to your door. ParTEA set include: loose leaf tea(s), sugar cubes, honey, mini bundt cakes, tiered tray, and recipe cards to make all of the additional fixings ❤

LIB Food

LIB Food celebrates the culinary traditions of the West Africa. Their Liberian dishes come fully cooked and include richly seasoned stews, soups, pastries and sweets that will leave you wanting more! Whether you grew up with your mom cooking these foods for dinner (like me) or this is your first time having African food —> definitely check them out!

Black Girl Magic Wine

The McBride Sisters is the largest Black-owned wine company in the United States. Black Girl Magic is more than a phrase. It’s a feeling. A look. A mood. A taste. The Black Girl Magic collection is an ode to Black culture and inspired by the magic and resilience of Black women. I was delightfully surprised by their flavors and I must say the Red Blend is THE BEST!

Little Dreamers

Author Vashti Harrison’s Little Dreamers & Leaders series do not disappoint. These inspirational stories are beautifully illustrated and detail the lives of black and brown men and women around the world. A great gift for all kids and the perfect addition to all libraries.

Dope Coffee

Dope Coffee came here to show the world that premium coffee and Black culture go hand in hand.  They leave all the pretentiousness and stereotypes of coffee behind and instead create special products inspired by Black culture for the culture. Delicious coffee with a vibe. I love it!

Check out these Black owned shops and let me know what’s your fav! What are your favorite black and brown owned shops?

Let me know I’d love to try them out!

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Liberian and Nigerian Queen. Black, wide-set nose. Love to smile and born to laugh. I'm stew and rice with fried plantains. Freshly baked pound cake, chocolate chip cookies, and vanilla ice cream. I'm the tell you what you need to know because someone has to say it. I'm a black girl trying to find the sweetness in every day and live a balanced life.

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