Book Club: Books, Brunch & Black Women

In 2020, I read for hours and hours each week. I read magazines (thanks to my $2 blue dolphin subscriptions, best thing EVA) I read almost 30 novels via paper books and audiobooks. I read countless articles and blogs online. I also became a blogger lol.

2021 – I forgot what reading was all over again. I’ve reach about 4 books all year. (what happened?) Live got busy again, and I was out in the streets! Shopping, eating, and drinking. Unfortunately, I left behind my favorite past time, sinking into the couch with a good book. Now, I’m committed to reading again. Not just reading, but reading books by people of color. Books that tell stories of women and families that look like me and go through my type of struggles. Our book club’s mission – to build community and promote books written by people of color, promote self-love and engage in deeper conversations about literature. Check out our book list for reading inspiration! 📚📚📚

If you are in Atlanta, check us out on Meetup – Books Brunch & Black Women Meetup

Reading Inspiration

January – The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett

February – Will by Will Smith

March – Such A Fun Age by Kiley Reid

April – Salvage of the bones by Jesmyn Ward

May – Swing Time by Zadie Smith

June – When No One Is Watching: A Thriller by Alyssa Cole

We are always looking for a good read. What are you reading??

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Liberian and Nigerian Queen. Black, wide-set nose. Love to smile and born to laugh. I'm stew and rice with fried plantains. Freshly baked pound cake, chocolate chip cookies, and vanilla ice cream. I'm the tell you what you need to know because someone has to say it. I'm a black girl trying to find the sweetness in every day and live a balanced life.

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