Get Sexy Like Kim Kardashian

Make your own red light special

Getting sexy just for you

In my teens I was getting cute for boys. I wanted a cute boy to notice my new dress and my box braids. Twenties, I wanted to be noticed by boys, but there was another layer. I wanted my girlfriends and any lady on the street to say, “she’s hot.” “I luurve her outfit.” “Woah, I love her style and vibe.” “She is a vibe” Thirties – I want my husband to think I’m sexy. I want him to want me and only me. I want to look in the mirror with my changing body and growing responsibilities and think, daaaamn this women is sexy. I’m hot and sexy. Mmmmm mmmm good. Do you ever feel that way? or is it just me wanting to remember, that I am not just a wife, woman, business employee and professional, but I’m also this fabulously deliciously sexy WOman??!!

How do you spice up your life?

This is alllll my opinion. Here is how I’m planning to get sexy just for me this year. And if you’re feeling a little lackluster, this is how you can get extra sexy JUST FOR YOU BOO! ❤️❤️❤️


A little pair of sexy underwear can go a loooong way. I wear cut undies for me and only me. I like having a cute little lacy thong under my sweatpants or jeans. Feels like I have a little secret and it makes me feel brave and confident in every situation. Like my mom always said, “You should never wear holey underwear. What if you had to go to the hospital or die?” lol. Like underwear even matters in that situation.


I’m here for any new hair, new nails, new makeup, or whatever new new stuff makes you feel pretty, sexy, and spicy. 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾


This might be controversial. I don’t think a woman has to be hairless to be beautiful. I mean, come on we were created with have hair! It naturally grows everywhere! But there is something about shaving my legs, shaving my underarms, and shaving downing there that makes me feel ready for adventures, travel, and all kinds of play. Haha!


We all know that music can set a mood and set the stage. A vibe is created by the beat and by the melody. Your favorite music might be rock n’ roll, Motown classics, smooth jazz. For me, sexy music is 90s R&B, Marvin Gaye, and Luther Vandross. A little Bobby Brown and lots of slow jams. I know you remember Red Light Special by TLC. Classic 🙂

Now put on something that makes you look & feel guudt, turn on some sexy music 🎶 and get your red light special on. 😘

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Liberian and Nigerian Queen. Black, wide-set nose. Love to smile and born to laugh. I'm stew and rice with fried plantains. Freshly baked pound cake, chocolate chip cookies, and vanilla ice cream. I'm the tell you what you need to know because someone has to say it. I'm a black girl trying to find the sweetness in every day and live a balanced life.

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