Which Girlfriends Character Are You?

Ok, I’m obsessed… Netflix keeps asking me if I’m still watching and my husband, Terrell, keeps asking me why I’m still on the couch. But I love the theme song! My Giiiiiirlfrieeends! Did you know the song was by Angie Stone? That’s why it’s a jam! Then came the memes…

Girlfriends on Netflix

Yes, I’ve been binge-watching Girlfriends non-stop for the last few weeks. When Netflix brought back Girlfriends, I thought, oh yea I remember that show, but it wasn’t in a hurry to watch it. When the series was released, I was 12 so it wasn’t really my thing. I couldn’t relate to a 30-year-old’s dating woes. I didn’t really watch Girlfriends until the reruns played in college, but even then I wasn’t really ready to sink into it yet. When I finally got a chance to watch a couple of episodes on Netflix last month, I saw what all the hype was about! I started falling in love with these awkward, crazy, and beautiful black women finding their way in the world.

By chance, I’m reading Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist and she has a whole chapter talking about the HBO series Girls [and how it missed the mark for all women] and she talks about how Girlfriends was such an underrated testimony to black females and all real women going through life. I completely agree! The show is so on point. They talk about black women working through issues in corporate America and going to therapy. They left no major taboo topic untouched: Black women and higher education, having children as a teenager, single and unmarried over 30, going through a divorce, and Black women diving into entrepreneurship. I love that they have Black women from all walks of life and backgrounds. This show was actually groundbreaking! If you haven’t been watching, check out all the seasons on Netflix.

I also fell in love with Tracee Ellis Ross. I knew I loved her shows, but Girlfriends made me love her as a comedian, fashionista, and woman even more! ❤

Who I am?

  • I’m a lotta Joan (dated all the crazies/up and becoming boss babe)
  • A smidge Toni (I know I can be boujee)
  • Little early Maya (because I’m on a budget and I’m living the married life)
  • A tiny bit Lynn (I’m a wannabe free spirit and I grew up in white-washed suburbs lol)

So which Girlfriends character are you?

Girlfriends Joan

Joan – Mother Hen

Mother hen of the group. Constantly dating and looking for love. Successful lawyer. Lover of holidays. Always dependable and there for her friends through all the shenanigans.

Girlfriends Toni

Toni – Bad & Boujee

Bad and boujee. Fancy and a little self-obsessed. Entrepreneur after losing her job she starts her own realty firm and is extremely successful. Dates a white guy before it was the thing to do.

Girlfriends Maya

Maya – On The Come Up

Married and (spoiler alert!) divorced. Had her son Jabari at age 16 and married her high school sweetheart Darnell. Starts off as Joan’s assistant and slowly moves on up and publishes a book.

Girlfriends Lynn

Lynn- Free Spirit

Free spirit. Over educated with several degrees. Tons of student loan debt. Sexually adventurous. Adopted by a close-knit and supportive (a little enabling) white family.

William – Your Best Malefriend

Everyone forgets about William. He’s a girlfriend too! William is a dependable friend. Smart, educated, ambitious lawyer. Not afraid to make a fool of himself and always looking for love in all the wrong places.

–> Photos from the Girlfriend’s show promotional materials. Sweet Butter Harmony does not own the rights to these photos.

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Liberian and Nigerian Queen. Black, wide-set nose. Love to smile and born to laugh. I'm stew and rice with fried plantains. Freshly baked pound cake, chocolate chip cookies, and vanilla ice cream. I'm the tell you what you need to know because someone has to say it. I'm a black girl trying to find the sweetness in every day and live a balanced life.

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