How To Layer A Comfy Dress For Fall Style

Zara’s Ribbed Dress is Perfect for Fall Layering

Ok, I love Zara, absolutely LOVE Zara! Their dresses are always a little fancier and more stylish than what they look like on the rack. Sometimes, I forget about Zara because let’s be honest, their website is way too difficult to navigate and all the models are size 2. It’s not until I get into the store that I fall in love with Zara all over again. The prices are right and the styles are a little edgy, so you don’t feel like you are wearing a flopsy plain jane outfit.

This dress can be worn everywhere! My favorite part is it only cost $20! Check it out!

How does it fit? –> I usually wear a large or extra large and the large dress was better fitting for me in this style (it showed more of my curves!). This dress is a little oversized and boxy without a belt.

Cute Layering Ideas:

  • Lounge around with an oversized sweatshirt on top
  • Dress it up with a belt and booties
  • Add a sweater or jean jacket and cozy it up!

Bonus Buy – Wash Effect Vintage Tee

Love this shirt! Perfect for lounging and everyday wear. I bought it in 3 colors: charcoal, pink and, light blue. It’s the perfect everyday tee. $13 Check it out!

What’s your favorite way to wear dresses in the fall? Jackets, sweaters? Heels or flats? Or all! 🙂

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