30 AWEsome Adventures To Celebrate Your Birthday

How to celebrate your birthday with a bang in your dirty thirties… even during a pandemic

Happy Birthday! 🎉

Honey, you are getting finer like wine. Maybe it’s your 18th birthday when you become a legal adult in the US. Yeah you can vote and smoke! Or you’re 21 and you can finally drink in the US, legally. Maybe you’ve made it to your dirty thirties when you finally realize that you are an actual grown a$$ adult. I mean grown.

I’m loving the thirties. It’s a wonderful age. You’re probably starting to figure out things you like, things you absolutely don’t like and you have the comfort in knowing that whatever happens, time heals and life goes on. Sooo much better than the topsy turvy world of the 20s!

So I decided to add some spice to my 30s and make a list of 30 AWEsome adventures to celebrate my birthday. Choose a few for your birthday or use it as a bucket list! Maybe you can join in on these crazy adventures and celebrate however young or old you are. Life is wayyyy too short to be boring 🙂

🥳 30 Adventures for Turning 30 ish 🥳

You might have done some of these adventures before, but it has probably been years ago and it’s time to try it again. Others will be fun, exciting, or even terrifying like skydiving. Some are just listed so you remember to feed your soul. Flotation therapy anyone? We might be in a pandemic, but you have to celebrate your life and remember what a blessing it is to live another year.

1. Go glamping camping in a yurt

If you’re not into ruffing it, but you love sleeping under the stars, glamping is right up your alley.

2. Go on a wine tasting tour at your local wineries

Check out the local wineries and have a private wine tasting. Also so many pretty photos in the vineyards.

3. Have a slumber party

Virtual or in-person this works perfectly. A slumber party with a fort, scary movies, and truth or dare will never go out style at any age.

4. Go skydiving

Indoor skydiving or the original jumping out of a plane – both experiences are thrilling and fun.

5. Host a fancy Afternoon Tea in the park

Host a high tea in the park with cucumber sandwiches, scones, and fancy teacups.

6. Visit a Korean bath spa

Spa day! Check out a traditional Korean bath with ornate communal baths, reflexology, and massages.

7. Perform something/anything in front of an audience

Virtual or in-person – Karaoke to Spice Girls or the Boy is Mine. Or perform a song on your favorite instrument. If you have a talent, put it out there!

8. Visit a flower patch and have a flower arrangement party

Have fun at the flower patch (or pick flowers at your local Trader Joes) and create a beautiful flower arrangement for your home.

9. Go hang gliding and fly with the birds

A little less intense than skydiving. Try gliding like a bird 1500 feet above the ground.

10. Calm your mind with a wellness retreat

Spend some time on your wellbeing at a wellness retreat or meditation class.

11. Stand up and paddleboard on the sea

Try SUP and pretend you are in Hawaii gliding on the Pacific Ocean.

12. Visit an aquarium

Go on an adult only night. Have a sparkly drink and watch the magic the sea.

13. Go horseback riding in the mountains

Grab a cowboy hat, pack a lunch, and enjoy the scenic views.

14. Go white water rafting

Test your paddling skills on a thrilling water rafting adventure.

15. Go on a Euro trip with friends and family

When we can travel again… let’s live the dream life of Emily in Paris.

16. Spelunk and explore a cave

Take the plunge and explore the hidden wonders of a cave.

17. Kayak down the river at the golden hour

Enjoy a peaceful float down the river at sunset.

18. Race your friends in the fastest Porsche

Prove you are the fastest and the bestest at a Porsche Experience Center.

19. Get a brand new hairdo

New hair, who dis? Spice it up with a new hairstyle.

20. Float in a hot air balloon on a romantic date

Take a magical ride above the city with your favorite person.

21. Eat a fancy five-course dinner infused with marijuana

If it’s legal in your state, why not try a fancy psychedelic meal?

22. Host a private burlesque class

Spice it up with a sexy dance with your friends.

23. Accomplish a goal

It feels so good to finally accomplish something you’ve always wanted.

24. Strut in a pair of red bottom shoes

Buying or renting? I don’t know, maybe get someone to buy you a gift!

25. Have a private yoga session with your friends

Virtual or in-person – You can be healthy and have fun with your friends with some trap yoga, goat yoga, or outdoor yoga.

26. Hike the Appalachian Trail

Go on a physical and spiritual journey when hiking the Appalachian Trail.

27. Sail on a yacht

Nothing beats time on the sea. Bring some champagne and snacks and celebrate.

28. Try floatation therapy

Let your problems float away for a while with sensory deprivation therapy.

29. Take a road trip to your favorite city

Take a nostalgic trip. Visit your favorite city and reminisce at all your favorite places.

30. Host a Moroccan feast with belly dancers and all

At home or a restaurant – go full-on with the theme and have an Arabian night.

No matter what’s happening in the world.. pandemic… crazy elections… crazy bosses… typical everyday stresses… You must celebrate yourself, whether you celebrate big or small. The world is blessed to have you in it!

So what birthday adventures do you have planned??

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