Sweet Butter Sunday #7 ~ Outdoor Yoga

Outdoor yoga

Black girl yoga

A Time for Self-Care – Stress Relief With Yoga

I go through phases of practicing yoga. I go from practicing every day of the month to once in a while. I am in no way an expert, but I enjoy the stress relief I find with yoga. I remember when I first seriously tried yoga over 10 years ago. My friend and I found a Groupon for a yoga studio in St. Louis and we decided to take a yoga class every day for a month. One class we attended was for more moderate to intermediate yogis. We were in a downward-facing dog, then the teacher said to flip this and that and suddenly the other classmates were in this amazing spun out position and Katie and I looked at each other petrified. We began laughing hysterically in the class because we did not know what to do or how to even attempt to get to the correct position. I will never forget that class! 🙂 During that month we learned a ton about yoga and our bodies. Recently I realized I needed to bring more calming and relaxing activities into my day. A quick yoga stretch in the morning was the perfect addition.

Many people tell me they are not sure about yoga because it looks too difficult and they feel like they’ll doing something weird. (especially if there is a lot of chanting or OOOOOMMMM ing LOL) Yoga is basically just a practice of stretches, balance, and breathing to help strengthen your body and calm your mind. It’s sooo good for the soul. According to Shape, “the tensing and relaxation of muscles during yoga – along with mindful awareness, helps us relax.” Yoga can boost your immune system and it can even help you get a date haha. Apparently, if you add yoga to your online dating profiles people will rank you more attractive (insert eye roll here). But seriously, find a teacher that speaks to your style. There is trap yoga, goat yoga, puppy yoga (I’d do that) Whatever body type or lifestyle you have, yoga is there for you.

I hosted an outdoor yoga session for work last month. Hosted meaning I planned the event and introduced the yoga instructor.  We had an Atlanta yogi teach a great stretching class for all ability levels. We hosted the online class to promote wellness in the outdoors and provide an exercise experience that all bodies and people could enjoy. After the session, I thought to myself, “why isn’t yoga a part of my life anymore and why don’t I ever practice outside?” My patio is just wide enough to allow full arm stretches, downward-facing dogs and twists looking into the clouds in the blue sky. Practicing yoga outdoors adds another level of peace and healing that I need in the morning, especially before a stressful day.

This Week’s Treats ~ A little yoga outdoors, time with my self-care kit, and a little chillaxing on the patio.

Online Yoga Classes For All Levels

Whether you decide to practice indoors or outdoors, try adding yoga to your daily routine for a week and I promise you will feel the difference. Check out the yoga instructors below for great online classes catered to all body types and all levels of ability.

Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn Stanley is a yoga teacher and the epitome of body positivity. She combats the stereotype of a yoga body and provides courses that are immediately calming. Click her photo for one of her 30-minute classes for beginners.

Arianna Elizabeth

Arianna Elizabeth

I recently found Arianna’s classes via youtube. I love that she shows modified versions of the poses and most of her classes are 15 minutes long, so it’s easy to add it to the start of your day. Click her photo for a great morning yoga stretch.

Beautiful Boho

Beautiful Boho

I found this Juliana by searching youtube for yoga several years ago. I fell in love with her beautiful videos that take place in outdoor spaces around the world. Click her photo to try a morning flow. Her videos are amazing!

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