Sweet Butter Sunday #2 ~ From Head to Toe

Welcome to Sweet Butter Sundays

A Time for Self-Care

Summer is in full bloom and we are in an uneasy place of deciding whether to venture outside and hang with friends or stay hunkered inside. It’s impossible for me to stay locked inside anymore. I’ve been itching like a bug to get out and go out anywhere. My extroverted self has suffered during this Zoom interaction time. On top of the confusion, the last couple of weeks have been weighed down by the tensions in America with the recent deaths and protesting for Black lives. As the movement continues, I feel the smog clearly and actual changes occurring in policy and mindsets. Murals of Black Lives Matter and Power to the People in the city streets. Monuments of Confederate generals and flags are being removed and policies are being established, like the proposed Hate Crimes act in Georgia. With the confusion of how to behave as the country reopens and the uncertainty of how the world events will continue, the need to monitor your mental is more important than ever.

Morning walks and runs and have been my saving grace during this time. When everything was closed, except for the grocery store, venturing into nature was the only option. I finally understand the healing capabilities of just being outside. As a break, between video meetings at work, I take a 10-minute walk around my neighborhood. Sometimes, chatting on the phone with family and friends, oftentimes I’m listening to my favorite podcasts or listening to nothing at all. Just enjoying the beautiful flowers and greenery in Georgia and soaking in some much-needed vitamin D.

If you haven’t taken a moment just for yourself this week, I encourage you to spend some time on you. A few minutes away from your friends, boyfriend, husband, and/or kids. Time to enjoy yourself, regroup, and prepare for the upcoming week. If you’re looking for suggestions on what to do you came to the right place. Check out my sweet butter treats below and treat yo’self!

This Week’s Treats ~ Facial from Iwi Fresh, foot soak and a slice of carrot cake

Facial Kit From Iwi Fresh

Iwi Fresh is a black-owned spa and skincare line. Their motto Iwi – is it is what it is. They use fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs from the farm in their products. With my sensitive skin and eczema I’m not apt to try new products. I’ve used the same products for the past 10 years and I rarely stray, to avoid outbreaks and rashes. Because Iwi’s products are made from raw produce, I can use their skincare line with no worries. I recently purchased the facial kit to get my skin ready for summer adventures. (Because summer is not canceled and I will go out and look pretty somewhere!)  I need some extra help because I’ve been eating all things bad for the past 3 months. If you live in Atlanta, stop in for a facial or Mani/Pedi with fresh fruit and herbs. You can also order their products online. The self care facial kit contains the Squash Cleanser, Carrot Moisturizer, and lettuce toner for $25.

Homemade Foot Soak

I’ve mastered the home pedicure during this season. If you’re looking for a quick way to soothe your feet and relax. A homemade foot soak is the best idea. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, I use a $2 tub from Walmart and add whatever ingredients I have on hand. Then I put on my favorite show or music playlist and chillax.

My favorite ingredients:

  • 1 tub of warm to hot water
  • 1 cup Epsom salt
  • 1/4 cup oatmeal
  • Coconut oil
  • Lavender essential oil
  • A handful of dried flower petals
let yourself feel
whatever it is you are feeling 
let yourself breathe in
whatever the changing seasons bring 
let yourself heal
one stitch at a time 
let yourself grow
one breath at a time 
- Shefali Dang

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Liberian and Nigerian Queen. Black, wide-set nose. Love to smile and born to laugh. I'm stew and rice with fried plantains. Freshly baked pound cake, chocolate chip cookies, and vanilla ice cream. I'm the tell you what you need to know because someone has to say it. I'm a black girl trying to find the sweetness in every day and live a balanced life.

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